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Published May 25, 2023
Performance Marketing

Hey there, my fellow marketer! Today, I want to take you on an exciting journey into the world of performance marketing. We’ll explore how this powerful strategy can propel your business to new heights in the Indian market. So, sit back, relax, and let’s dive right in.


Understanding Performance Marketing


Imagine this: You’re running a business in India, and you want to make every rupee count. That’s where performance marketing comes in. Unlike traditional marketing, which relies on broad messaging and hopes for results, performance marketing is laser-focused on delivering measurable outcomes.


Cost-Effective Approach

In performance marketing, you pay for tangible results. Whether it’s a click, a lead, or a sale, you only invest when a specific action is achieved. This cost-effective approach ensures that your marketing budget is used wisely, targeting individuals who are genuinely interested in what you have to offer.


Measurable Success

Gone are the days of guessing the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. Performance marketing allows you to track and measure every action, providing you with valuable insights into what’s working and what’s not. With precise data at your fingertips, you can optimize your strategies, refine your targeting, and maximize your return on investment.


Case Studies and Examples


Let’s explore a few case studies and examples from the Indian context to illustrate the power of performance marketing.

Here are two case studies of Indian companies that ran successful ad campaigns on meta (Google and Bing) platforms:


UrbanClap’s Google Ad Campaign


UrbanClap, an Indian online marketplace for local services, utilized Google Ads to drive customer acquisition and increase its market reach.


  • Strategy: UrbanClap targeted specific service categories, such as home services, beauty and wellness, and events, to reach individuals seeking professional services in their local areas. They focused on keywords related to these categories to ensure their ads appeared prominently in relevant search results.
  • Execution: UrbanClap crafted compelling ad copy that highlighted the convenience, reliability, and quality of their services. They utilized Google’s ad extensions to include additional information such as customer reviews, service ratings, and call extensions for direct contact. This helped build trust and provided users with easy access to relevant information.
  • Impact: UrbanClap’s Google Ad campaign proved highly effective in generating leads and driving conversions. By targeting users actively searching for services, they were able to capture a relevant and engaged audience. The campaign resulted in increased website traffic, customer inquiries, and bookings, contributing to UrbanClap’s overall business growth.


MakeMyTrip’s Bing Ad Campaign


MakeMyTrip, a leading Indian online travel company, implemented a Bing Ads campaign to expand its reach and increase bookings.


  • Strategy: MakeMyTrip recognized the potential of reaching a diverse audience beyond the Google search engine. They decided to leverage Bing Ads, targeting users who preferred Bing as their search engine or were part of the Microsoft ecosystem.
  • Execution: MakeMyTrip crafted tailored ad campaigns for Bing, focusing on specific destinations, travel packages, and seasonal promotions. They optimized their ad copy and landing pages to align with the preferences and search behavior of Bing users. MakeMyTrip also utilized Bing’s targeting options, such as demographics and location, to reach their desired audience effectively.
  • Impact: The Bing Ads campaign proved to be a valuable addition to MakeMyTrip’s marketing efforts. It allowed them to tap into a different user base and reach potential customers who might have been overlooked through traditional Google-centric campaigns. The campaign generated incremental website traffic, user engagement, and bookings, contributing to MakeMyTrip’s overall revenue growth.


Here are two case studies of how Google Ads, Bing Ads, or meta ad campaigns backfired for certain companies:


Snapdeal’s Google AdWords Campaign


Snapdeal, an Indian e-commerce company, faced a setback with their Google AdWords campaign, leading to negative consequences for their brand.


  • Issue: Snapdeal decided to bid on generic keywords with high search volume to drive traffic to their website. However, due to intense competition and the high cost per click (CPC) associated with these keywords, their campaign resulted in a significant increase in ad spend without a proportional increase in conversions.
  • Impact: Snapdeal’s misaligned bidding strategy resulted in a higher cost per acquisition (CPA), ultimately eroding their profit margins. The campaign failed to generate the desired return on investment (ROI), and the increased expenditure on Google Ads adversely affected the company’s financial performance.
  • Lessons learned: This case highlights the importance of proper keyword research and bid management. Choosing relevant and specific keywords that align with the company’s target audience and optimizing bidding strategies based on conversion data can help avoid wasteful spending and improve campaign effectiveness.’s Bing Ads Campaign, an Indian real estate platform, encountered challenges with their Bing Ads campaign, leading to suboptimal results.


  • Issue: decided to allocate a significant portion of their advertising budget to Bing Ads, expecting similar performance to their successful Google Ads campaigns. However, they neglected to consider the user base and search behavior differences between the two platforms.
  • Impact:’s Bing Ads campaign failed to generate the desired traction and results. The platform’s lower search volume and user base compared to Google limited their reach and potential to acquire new customers. The campaign resulted in low click-through rates (CTR) and conversions, leading to a poor ROI for their Bing Ads investment.
  • Lessons learned: Understanding the unique characteristics and audience of each advertising platform is crucial. Blindly assuming that success on one platform will translate to another can be detrimental. It’s essential to conduct thorough market research and evaluate the suitability of a platform based on its user demographics, search volume, and overall performance metrics.


These case studies highlight the importance of careful planning, research, and strategic execution when running Google Ads, Bing Ads, or meta ad campaigns. Failing to align bidding strategies, neglecting platform-specific nuances, or overlooking audience differences can lead to wasted ad spend, poor campaign performance, and unfavorable outcomes. It’s vital for marketers to learn from these examples and adapt their strategies accordingly to maximize the effectiveness of their digital advertising efforts.

Implementing Your Performance Marketing Strategy


Now that you understand the essence and potential of performance marketing, let’s delve into how you can kickstart your own successful campaign in the Indian market.

Define Your Goals

First and foremost, clearly define your marketing objectives. Whether it’s driving website traffic, generating leads, or increasing conversions, setting specific goals will guide your strategy and measurement efforts.

Identify Your Target Audience

To optimize your performance marketing efforts, identify your ideal customers within the Indian market. Consider their demographics, preferences, and behaviors. Tailor your messaging and targeting accordingly to reach the right people at the right time.

Select the Right Channels

Choose the most effective marketing channels to reach your target audience. In India, popular platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads, and YouTube offer robust performance marketing solutions. Understand where your audience spends their time and allocate your resources accordingly.

Optimize Your Campaigns

Regularly analyze and optimize your campaigns based on the data you collect. Adjust your targeting, messaging, and creative elements to improve performance. Embrace A/B testing to experiment with different approaches and identify the most successful variations.

Nurture Relationships

Building lasting relationships with your customers is crucial. Implement personalized remarketing strategies to engage with potential customers who have shown interest in your offerings. By staying top-of-mind and providing value, you increase the chances of converting leads into loyal customers.




Congratulations, my friend! You now have the tools and insights to embark on your performance marketing journey in the vibrant Indian market. Remember, performance marketing is all about maximizing results.